Wil Roach



His father is a Trinidadian through and through and had a selection of cryptic sayings; a favourite of Wil’s is ‘never trust a shadow after dark!’ It has a certain ring to it, but could be applied to any situation requiring a considered view. Writing is like breathing, inhaling dirty and exhaling clean air, removing darkness and confusion; anything that obstructs the airway of his creativity is fatal to the written or spoken word.

In 2015, Wil and other poets collaborated with other seasoned First Nations Poets in reading a themed poem ‘Give Me Back My Mother’s Heart’ at the Sydney Writers’ Festival and reprising it at Barangaroo. Wil is currently working on the first manuscript of his three-part memoir trilogy.

The art and practice of writing is with Wil in his sleep and when he hears the dawn chorus, loving and caring for it unconditionally.

Join Wil and Gabrielle from Unspoken Words at Bringing Everything.