Story-Fest - Sun Oct 16

APS National Final
7:00 pm19:00

APS National Final

  • Sydney Opera House

7.00pm – 9.00pm

1000 poets, 20,000 live audience, 60 events across Australia - they all rise to a thunder clap at Sydney Opera House. Selected members of the audience will choose one person to represent Australian Poetry Slam in an Asia-Pacific tour to writers' festivals worth about $11k + a published manuscript and, added this year, a writers' retreat.

Host: Miles Merrill

Featuring: Tanya Evanson, DJ RibongiaEmily Crocker and the National Finalists

Venue: Sydney Opera House

Tickets: $48 / $39

Tanya Evanson supported by the Consulate General of Canada and The Canada Council:

Screening -  Language Matters with Bob Holman
2:30 pm14:30

Screening - Language Matters with Bob Holman

  • 15A Argyle Place Millers Point, NSW, 2000 Australia

What do we lose when a language dies? What does it take to save a language?

Language Matters was filmed around the world: on a remote island off the coast of Australia where 400 Aboriginal people speak 10 different languages, all at risk; in Wales, where Welsh, once in danger, is today making a comeback; and in Hawaii, where Hawaiians are fighting to save their native tongue.

“Language is the very essence of being human,” says Holman, “and when we lose a language, we lose a part of ourselves.”

Venue: Story-fest Hub

Cost: Free! Click through for bookings. 


1:30 pm13:30


  • Story-Fest Hub

1.30pm – 2.30pm

How do wordsmiths mix their text and swish it around with other disciplines?

Three artists push boundaries and pull other worlds into their craft including:

A whirling dervish spoken-word artist, a rapper from Sketch The Rhyme and a film-maker who matches images with poetry.  

Featuring: Tanya Evanson, Tim Parish, Rapaport  

Chaired by: Belinda Lopez

Venue: Story-Fest Hub

Cost: Free! Click through for bookings. 

Tanya Evanson supported by The Consulate General of Canada and The Canada Council.