Sea Tales

National Maritime Museum and Word Travels present,

Sea Tales

Stories, Poems and Monologues about the Sea for all ages.


We are “girt by sea.” How does this effect us as Australians?

Miles Merrill and Trevor Brown have been commissioned by the Maritime Museum to create a spoken-word musical journey encompassing whaling, lighthouses and answering the question, “If we've got super-jets and inter-space flight for millionaires, why float in an oversized tub on the bouncing current?”

In Sea Tales we are taken to 1927 at Cape Bowling Green, a spit in far North Queensland. Miles and Trevor introduce us to a dancing lighthouse that does the can-can in a storm, packs up and moves several times and now lives at Darling Harbour.

Sea Tales also explores the reasons why we journey by sea: love, work, see dragons.

For a finale the audience turns into a beluga whale, breaching, diving and pushing fountains from its spout.

Trevor Brown plays 9 instruments, layering them with pedals and effects to create a soundscape for Merrill's rich characters and inspiring stories.


National Maritime Museum

Darling Harbour, Sydney

Free with admission

Daily from 11.30 am, 12.30 pm and 1:30 pm

Sunday 20th – Thursday 24th, Tuesday 29th – 4 Oct.


Miles Merrill

“Australia's spoken-word tour de force.”

Originally from Chicago, Miles Merrill is the creative director of the literary arts association, Word Travels. He has worked as a writer and performer of monologues, poems and stories for 15 years. His productions The Night Words Festival (Sydney Opera House 2008) and Slamming (Sydney Festival 2005) won outstanding critical acclaim. Miles introduced poetry slams to Australia in 2004 and he created the national Australian Poetry Slam in 2007. He publishes on CD, DVD, online and in print but his work is best experienced live.


Trevor Brown

“The man of a thousand sounds”

Trevor Brown, is a Lecturer in Performance Studies at RMIT University. He is known as a pioneer in Australia's music scene; adding his own interpretations to world music, jazz, improvisation and electronica. He has worked for 20 years as a freelance musician, musical director, composer, performer and event organiser. Brown has also initiated ground-breaking collaborations with spoken-word artists. He currently leads the live music troupe Gypsy Dub Sound System and is a member of the band Waiting for Guinness.