Lewis-Alan Trathen

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is a poet and educator from Sydney, Australia. They are a two-time state finalist in the Australian Poetry Slam and have featured at numerous slams and festivals around Australia, including Ruckus Slam, Enough Said, Newtown Festival and the Subsonic Music Festival. Lewis-Alan has also appeared on 2SER and Bondi Radio.

Lewis-Alan’s works raise issues of body and afterlife, gender and myth, illness and empowerment. Surreal and lurid images and grammatical ambiguity create verse Rabbit Poetry Journal described as “perversely magnificent”.

Lewis-Alan has coordinated poetry workshops for both children and adults, independently and in conjunction with government and non-profit bodies. In 2017 Lewis-Alan was shortlisted for the Burns Bay Bookery Youth Prize. Their poems have appeared in Voiceworks, Pressure Gauge, and Rabbit Poetry Journal. They are leaving (their bedroom) one word at a time.

Join Lewis-Alan’s two events; Haiku Typing Pool and Poetry Zine Making with renowned zine-maker, Fayroze Lutta.