Thank you for your support!

In the last 12 months Word Travels has been able to achieve so much!

We had our very first youth Champion of Australian Poetry Slam. At 12 years old Solli Raphael knocked it out of the park, and has gone on to perform at TEDx Sydney and land a book deal with Penguin Random House.

We ran our Multilingual Poetry Slam, providing a platform for artists to perform in their native language.

We partnered with Youth off the Streets to deliver workshops to disadvantaged young people in Western Sydney.

We visited over 15 regional and remote towns, giving locals the chance to ignite the mic with their own stories, poetry and spoken word.

And we couldn’t have done it without people like you; the fans, audience members, artists and of course, donors.

You allow us to put a 12-year-old on the stage of the Sydney Opera House. You allow us to give disadvantaged teens the opportunity to express themselves and have that expression recognised and valued.

In the next year there is so much we are striving to accomplish. We plan to take poetry slams and spoken word into children’s hospitals, refugee camps and around the world. Everyone deserves to have their voices and their stories heard. With your help, we can hand them the microphone.