Candy Royalle



was an extraordinary spoken word poet par excellence, presenting her words and ideas with dynamism and passion. In a short 37 years of life she made a profound impact on readers and audiences. She performed at the Woodford Folk Festival, the Sydney Writers’ Festival, the Adelaide Fringe Festival and the Tasmanian Poetry Festival.

'A trillion tiny awakenings' is uncompromisingly direct in its language and set of interests about the world and the politics that affect every aspect of our lives. These poems also carry love. Candy Royalle invokes tenderness and care in this startling new book.

Before the Sydney Final, beginning at 7pm, there will also be a launch for Candy Royalle’s book, ‘A tiny trillion awakening’, which will be formally launched by Julia Baird (Australian political journalist, television commentator and writer).

For more information on Candy’s book launch visit: Candy Royalle's book, 'A tiny trillion awakenings'.