Australian Poetry Slam Youth

Spoken word artist  Emily Crocker  performing at The Rumble Youth Slam 2017

Spoken word artist Emily Crocker performing at The Rumble Youth Slam 2017

Australian Poetry Slam Youth, formerly known as The Rumble Youth Slam, is the largest youth poetry slam in Sydney. Held annually by Word Travels, the program involves workshops and slams throughout Sydney, culminating in an explosive finale at Sydney Writers' Festival.

Young people aged 12 to 18 years are invited to perform at the APS Youth heats. Bringing rap performances, stories, monologues and poems to the stage, each performer has just two minutes to wow the crowd. No props, no music – just the performer, a microphone and the spotlight. Audience members vote for the top artists who will then go on to represent their suburb at the Australian Poetry Slam Youth - Sydney Final.

This year, the top three poets received a one-on-one session with Heaps Decent, a collective of Australian artists - songwriters, musicians and producers - supporting young people and emerging artists to tell their stories and create unique music.

The session offered an opportunity to workshop ideas for both lyrics and music, getting feedback and assistance to put all of the elements together in an original track. It was a chance to go behind the scenes and find out how it's done. From making beats to building chord structures, layers of instrumentation, melodies and vocal lines, the aim was to get a new song recorded!

The Australian Poetry Slam Youth Champion for 2019 was Fergus Clarkson who won the Sydney Final on May 4th at Sydney Writers’ Festival.

Last year’s 2018 Rumble Youth Slam was won by Helen Latukefu.

Australian Poetry Slam Youth's aim is to provide an opportunity to empower young people to share their voice on a major stage. Through performance and workshops, young artists are mentored through the processes of writing and performing their own spoken word pieces.

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